Staring into the Sun: Ethiopian Tribal Music SF074

A contemporary survey of the tribal music of Ethiopia. Recorded in 2009 by Olivia Wyatt, this double LP showcases an array of mind-blowing sounds from the "land of eternal sunshine". Presented in this visually stunning gatefold are audio examples ranging from remote tribes - of the Ethiopian highlands, the lower Omo and the Great Rift Valley – to their electric analogues in the sweaty beerhalls of Addis Ababa.

This collection features songs from the Azmari, poet-musicians who play the krar (ancient lyre) and whose song repertoire includes everything from comic improvisation to lyrical elegiac, the Borana whose work songs are a transcendental polyphonic singing that stops time, and the Dirashe whose syncopated panpipes are as otherworldly as anything ever heard. Other selections include music from the Mursi, Druze, Gedeo, Konso, and Tsemay tribes as well as some fine examples of amplified roots music from the capital from the Habesha 2000 Band.

Pressing Information

This is a limited edition double LP housed in a full color tip-on with gorgeous polaroid shots from Oliva Wyatt.