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DVD - ISAN: Folk and Pop Music of Northeast Thailand SF015

Welcome to ISAN, Thailand's forgotten frontier, where Lao, Thai and Cambodian folkloric traditions have conspired to create a mystifying pageantry of music and dance still relatively unknown to outsiders. Explore the raw cultural heritage of the Mekong interior, land of the Phin guitar and the bamboo Khaen and discover musical styles such as "Molam" and "Pong Lang". Take a forbidden look into the sultry Go-Go scenes of Gentleman's clubs and witness a spectacular Lam Sing stage show cabaret backed by a psychedelic Rock band!

The least changed part of Thailand, Isan has managed to preserve a distinct niche within the confines of Royal Thai Culture. Because of this, traditions in music, dance, festivals, legends and local dialects have developed their own unique folklore. Many inhabitants in the region speak Lao or Thai dialects that have roots in Laotian language. Within the southern borders, the influence is more Khmer (Cambodian) derived. Experience the multi-cultural, intoxicating pulse of Thailand's Tropical Northeast!