RADIO INDIA: The Eternal Dream of Sound SF014

A swan dive into perhaps the most astounding radio treasure chest the world has ever known, this amazing collection of audio art is a testament to India’s Museum of Sound. This two hour listening experience features Radio Collage of music-only edits on disc one, with a more adventurous mix of music, radio commercials, news, DJs, and miscellaneous sound dimensions on disc two. Contents include: plenty of traditional folk oddities, choice pop hits and film themes, spectacular Classical music, incorporated styles from beyond the subcontinent, and an indescribable cache of raw sound materials edited from hours of bulk tapes recorded on location in 1989 and 1996 from Bengal to Rajasthan and many points in between. Ragas, Bollywood breaks, electric guitars, chenai and violin bliss, creepy folk songs and top-notch vocalists make this the best introduction to India’s music scene ever assembled!